We started Trefoten kanoten because we love outdoorlife and it is our main interest.

The best part is that in just a few minutes you have packed our inflatable canoe in the trunk of the car and can quickly be on your way to new adventures. Why not start on an afternoon, hit up a cozy campsite, make a barbecue and be already on the spot to paddle in the morning. A great feeling to wake up to the chirping of birds and rippling water.

To be so close to nature that you can paddle smoothly side by side with a beaver or see fish jump and play can be incredibly soothing. On a river, a lake or a small stream there is no place for todays rush. For us this is a chance to just be together. Here you dont find any pressure or things you have to do. You will feel the stress drain for each stroke with the paddle.

If you want a little more excitement and momentum maybe it's rapids paddling you should try. It is very exciting and you can feel the adrenaline pumping. Regardless of experience, we have options for you.

Now we want you to experience this to be one with nature, maybe for a day or why not stay a whole weekend or longer. There are an incredible number of beautiful natural sites, whether you want to have facilities or just being completely alone in the forest.

There are hotels and lodges in the area aswell, ask us, we will be happy to recommend something that fits you and your needs.

The adventure is closer than you think!